Key Issues and Priorities

SELLEN’s recent local research, and discussions around that research, has identified the following key issues and priorities:

  1. Our role as a key partner in aligning skills needs and shortages with local economic development requires greater emphasis;
  2. Our region is diverse and a “one size fits all” approach is doomed to failure;
  3. Consequently, we will working in close partnership with each local government area to undertake research, identify local and sub-local priorities and take action on them;
  4. Unlike many regions, many of our early school leavers do so during or at the end of year 10 – this has significant implications for our approach to the issue of early school leaving;
  5. Research is a key driver of reform in the learning and employment area. We are committed to maintaining a regular and focused research program in partnership with key local stakeholders, particularly local government;
  6. The take up of school based apprenticeships and traineeships in the SELLEN region is low both in relation to other regions and in absolute numbers;
  7. SELLEN recognises that many young people in the area are also employed part-time whilst they complete their studies: this factor should be built into any consideration of young people and their work and study options.