Parents and Families

We know that parents play a key role in helping teenagers make career choices and, that in order for them to do this effectively; they need information on the huge number of options available.  We believe that parents can assist teenagers by talking to them and providing support and guidance.  Parents and teenagers can together consider a variety of jobs and professions and can talk about the teenager’s:

  • Hopes and visions for the future
  • Attributes, interests, likes and experiences
  • Where they want to work or study.

We recommend that parents make themselves aware about the services and information available in their own community.  For example, by paying attention to local media for details of Career Expos and keeping an eye on the local paper to assess job options, training and educational opportunities.

This section of the South East LLEN contains information for parents and families to keep them up to date with the latest news, events and resources available to assist them in guiding their children in their tranistion and career choices from primary to secondary school and beyond!

Don’t listen to the critics (often your own children!), parents can become empowered, informed and battle ready!