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The HOST school is the school or provider who opens their VETiS enrolments to any student in the region thereby ‘hosting’ the student who is enrolled at another school or agency. The HOME school is the school or agency at which the student is enrolled for the bulk of their secondary studies.

Enrolments in these ‘Home-Host’ School VETiS programs are coordinated through the South East LLEN as a ‘honest broker intermediary’ with courses taking place on agreed days of the week. Over the past seven years the South East LLEN, working in partnership with local schools and RTOs, has been able to facilitate agreements between schools on amounts of program deposits, timing of enrolments and enrolment cut off dates.

The Home-Host School Model ensures that smaller schools in the Dandenong area and throughout the City of Casey and Cardinia Shire can access high quality VETiS courses even though they may have only one or two students who are interested in vocational programs.

All VETiS course information is as provided by Schools and Providers. All units mentioned are indicative, units for VASS entry will be on the South East LLEN.

The South East LLEN accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of any VETiS material supplied by schools and contained in this guide.

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