SE VET Cluster

The Home-Host school model delivered across the South East is a single organisation unit that ensures young people have access to a broad range of affordable and local VET programs within their community.

What is the Home-Host school Model of VET delivery?

The Home-Host School model of VET delivery is an administrative agreement based on strong partnerships between schools and facilitated by the South East LLEN that ensures students have access to a broad range of affordable and local VET programs in the region.

The ‘Host’ school is the school or provider who opens their VET enrolments to any students in the region – thereby ‘hosting’ the students, who is enrolled at another school or agency.  The ‘Home’ school is the school or agency at which the student is enrolled for the bulk of their secondary studies.

The Home-Host Model relies on VET programs being offered by providers (mostly schools who are either Registered Training Organisations (RTO) in their own right, or are auspiced by local RTO’s to deliver VET programs) to be open and available to any student in the region who wish to enrol.

Why was the Home-Host model set up?

The Home-Host model was set up in response to high demand which was hampered by local cost of undertaking a VET course.  This model enables every student in the South East Region to access over 35 different VET courses, including those available through TAFE’s and private RTO’S.

What is South East LLEN’s role in the Home-Host model?

Enrolments in these Home-Host School VET programs are coordinated through the South East LLEN as an ‘honest broker intermediary’ with courses taking place on agreed days of the week.  Over the past five years the South East LLEN working in partnership with local school and RTO’s has been able to facilitate agreements between schools on amounts of program deposits, timings of enrolments and enrolment cut off dates.

South East VET Web portal

The Web Portal is a paperless system that has streamlined the VET application and administration procedures in the south east region.  Students are able to apply directly for all VET courses offered by schools, including those courses offered through TAFE and private RTO’s.

Students can login and select two VET courses, at two locations for each of the courses and rank them in order of preference.  The student’s Home school teacher will then ‘approve’ or ‘reject’ the application based on a range of factors such as appropriateness of the course and so on.

When the Home school approves the course selection, the student’s first preference will be instantly viewable by the Host school.  Host schools will then accept the applications and allot them immediately to a class.  If for any reason a student’s first preference is rejected by the Host school his/her second preference will instantly be sent to the corresponding Host school.

By logging in briefly each day during the VET enrolment period, both the Home & Host schools will remain up to date with the status of their students and courses.

Electronic reports on the progress and outcomes of course selection and placement processes will instantly be available to all the relevant home and host schools and providers.

For more information on the Home-Host School Model or the South East VET Web Portal please contact:

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