Success Story

From the Employer:

Mohammed Rezai took part in a Work Placement as part of his requirements from Noble Park English Language School undertaking a 5 day placement with the South East Local Learning and Employment Network (South East LLEN) from Monday 29th of August until Friday 2nd of September 2011. While with the South East LLEN Mohammed gained many of the necessary attributes to work in an office environment and part of a team, while showing an eagerness to learn.                                                                                                   
From the South East LLEN Team we all wish Mohammed the best in his future endeavours.

From the Student:

I, Mohammad Rezai finished my work experience in the South East LLEN. During this one week I both learned and earned lots of experience and valuable things. The benefits I gained doing this work experience in this job were that I earned new skills and improved my knowledge about the job and also improved my knowledge about educational requirements for jobs. I learned to work with other employees, employers and supervisors gaining more confidence in myself and a better understanding of my personal strengths and weaknesses and finally I have to say that I learned to be responsible much more than before.

The favourite thing about work placement was being in a work environment with other employees, employers and supervisor.