Work Matters

Work Matters – Work Readiness….. a new and unique resource now available

The first time a student enters a work place can be a daunting experience.No matter how outwardly confident young people appear, very often the transition from school to work provides a scary threshold –

What will the employer expect of them?

How are they supposed to act?

What if they can’t do the work that they are given?

Even simple things like what are they supposed to wear?

All these questions and many more are questions that float around in the minds of young people before they go out to a workplace. More and more young people are participating in Work Experience and Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) placements with a broader range of employers. A key challenge for those of us in the “school to work transition business” now is getting these young people ready for the world of work. There are many resources available that can assist, but there’s not one classroom resource that does it all.

Local research conducted by the South East LLEN has shown that work experience or work placement is often the first time a student enters a work place so it is important that students are educated about workplace expectations. If this is done correctly the likelihood of their work placement running smoothly will increase giving them a positive experience and understanding of the world of work.  On that basis, we decided to put together a classroom resource to provide comprehensive support for young people entering the world of work for the first time.

The South East LLEN’s ‘Work Matters’ Work Readiness DVD is a work readiness resource which was developed as part of a transition plan to provide students with current and accessible information on the world of work. ‘Work Matters’  is a comprehensive single resource that shows young people how to find a work placement, how to dress for success and how to manage employer expectations, workplace issues and accidents and employability skills.

The ‘Work Matters’ Work Readiness DVD follows three students through their work placement experience. We follow them as they encounter a variety of common problems employers and students experience whilst on work placement. It also shows students how to deal appropriately with these situations and illustrates what they can expect whilst on work placement. Education providers have the opportunity to purchase their own copy of the ‘Work Matters’ Work Readiness DVD as a stand alone resource for $95.00 plus G.S.T. This DVD also contains a range of useful work readiness documents and brochures.    If you would like to order the ‘Work Matters’ Work Readiness DVD or simply just want more information please contact the South East LLEN on 9706-8711 or by email to