Structured Workplace Learning


What is an SBAT?

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SbAT’s) are a fantastic opportunity for students to work as a part time paid trainee or apprentice whilst completing their secondary education at school. SbAT’s are a great way to learn nationally recognised job skills in a chosen career. They provide vast career prospects and provide the opportunity to complete secondary school with two certificates. Students must be at least 15 years of age to be a school based apprentice or trainee.

Available Opportunities

Opportunities are now advertised on the SWL Portal. You can search for either SWL or SbAT placements by


Structured Workplace Learning funding is provided to 31 Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLEN’s) across Victoria to increase access to appropriate SWL placements for students undertaking VET as part of their senior secondary certificates.

The program will open up more opportunities for young people aged 15 – 19 years of age to improve their skills and workplace knowledge through ‘on the job’ experience whether it be via Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) or School Based Apprenticeships/Traineeships (SbAT’S).

Structured Workplace Learning within the South East LLEN geographical area incorporates three LGA’s, City of Greater Dandenong, City of Casey and the Shire of Cardinia.


  • facilitate access to appropriate SWL placements for students undertaking VET as part of their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), Victorian Certificat of Applied Learning (VCAL) and School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATS).
  • facilitate engagement between schools and employers, and support schools to work directly with employers to place students into SWL placements.
  • liaise with employers and maintain information on the online portal to ensure it is current and meaningful
  • identify local needs and industry priorities for appropriate SWL placements
  • source local SWL placements for difficult to place students
  • collaborate with schools and other service providers to provide young people with holistic, integrated support to assist them to engage, and re-engage, in education and training.


The Statewide Online Portal will be designed with the following main features:

  • employers/LLENs will be able to post appropriate SWL placements
  • employers/LLENs will be able to post information about potential host companies
  • students/teachers will be able to search statewide for SWL placements that align with the VET programs being studied
  • teachers will be able to assign an appropriate SWL placement to a particular student
  • electronic links will be provided to portals and regional websites containing place-based information on SWL placements
  • when requested by the teacher, the portal will generate the partially completed legal documents in Word format (as required under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006)
  • the portal will facilitate the generation of reports to meet the requirements of the Department and the Common Funding Agreement with the LLENs

All these questions and many more are questions that float around in the minds of young people before they go out to a workplace. More and more young people are participating in Work Experience and Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) placements with a broader range of employers. A key challenge for those of us in the “school to work transition business” now is getting these young people ready for the world of work. There are many resources available that can assist, but there’s not one classroom resource that does it all.

Local research conducted by the South East LLEN has shown that work experience or work placement is often the first time a student enters a work place so it is important that students are educated about workplace expectations. If this is done correctly the likelihood of their work placement running smoothly will increase giving them a positive experience and understanding of the world of work. On that basis, we decided to put together a classroom resource to provide comprehensive support for young people entering the world of work for the first time.

The South East LLEN’s ‘Work Matters’ Work Readiness DVD is a work readiness resource which was developed as part of a transition plan to provide students with current and accessible information on the world of work. ‘Work Matters’ is a comprehensive single resource that shows young people how to find a work placement, how to dress for success and how to manage employer expectations, workplace issues and accidents and employability skills.

The ‘Work Matters’ Work Readiness DVD follows three students through their work placement experience. We follow them as they encounter a variety of common problems employers and students experience whilst on work placement. It also shows students how to deal appropriately with these situations and illustrates what they can expect whilst on work placement. Education providers have the opportunity to purchase their own copy of the ‘Work Matters’ Work Readiness DVD as a stand alone resource for $95.00 plus G.S.T. This DVD also contains a range of useful work readiness documents and brochures. If you would like to order the ‘Work Matters’ Work Readiness DVD or simply just want more information please contact the South East LLEN on 9706-8711 or by email to


Work Matters – Work Readiness….. a new and unique resource now available

The first time a student enters a work place can be a daunting experience.No matter how outwardly confident young people appear, very often the transition from school to work provides a scary threshold –

What will the employer expect of them?

How are they supposed to act?

What if they can’t do the work that they are given?

Even simple things like what are they supposed to wear?



Cardinia Shire is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Victoria, located on the South-East fringe of metropolitan Melbourne.

The council employs almost 400 staff across a range of full and part time positions. Given the rapid growth of the area the council recognises the importance of channelling young people into the council to address future employment needs and to encourage students to consider the Career Pathway opportunities that exist within Local Government.

In 2010 with the assistance of the South East LLEN four students were employed as School Based Apprentices within the council. Based on the success of these students a further five students were enrolled in the following year 2011.

Initially the plan was to take in School Based Apprentices who would do a Cert III in Local Government however, because this would limit the students’ future pathways it was decided by council a Cert III in Business would be more beneficial allowing the students to work in various office environments.



Students complete paid formal on the job training at the council offices one day a week, and attend on one other day visited by a registered training provider (LINK employment and Training) to complete the study component. They also attend school three days a week to obtain their Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) certificate. Students are given the opportunity to work in different departments of the council throughout the apprenticeship. to work in various office environments.


  • Injection of young people into the council
  • Training students to council expectations
  • Promotion of career pathway opportunities within Local Government
  • Opportunities for council employees to mentor young people


  • Students gain a recognised qualification
  • Students gain a VCAL certificate
  • Students gain real life work experience
  • Students gain an advantage for job opportunities within council


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