We are very pleased to announce that commencing Term 1 in 2020, the YPEP will be at Hallam Senior College – see attached flier.

Hallam SC and Doveton College have close alignment under the direction of Executive Principal Greg McMahon, creating great synergy for YPEP, in particular, Baby College (see attached) that operates at Doveton College under a partnership with QEC (Queen Elizabeth Centre) and Our Place (see here for details: https://ourplace.org.au/) with Julia Cornelius, Senior Advisor Early Years, who brings 30 years’ experience in the education and care sector within three states of Australia in school, kindergarten and childcare sectors. Baby College aims to improve the educational outcomes for disadvantaged infants by engaging and supporting vulnerable families from the prenatal period.

We have a wonderful team of educators, early childhood, wellbeing, careers and leadership from Hallam SC & Doveton College all working together to offer a welcoming, nurturing and caring learning environment for young parents and their babies. The YPEP is located in the same space as the new Health Training Centre opening at Hallam SC in Term 1, and this offers a breadth of new VET options for students such as Allied Health. Young parents and their babies will enjoy the large, open learning space with huge windows looking out over the college grounds. Young parents are enrolled as students of Hallam SC and part of the entire Hallam SC community.

We anticipate the YPEP being smoothly embedded into Hallam SC with students engaging well and working towards a Year 12 qualification, placing them back into an equitable position with their peers (without parenting responsibilities) giving them and their baby, better life chances.

YPEP @ Hallam is taking enquiries and enrolments now, please contact Mary Tresize-Brown on 0430 445 187.