SELLEN is a partnership broker, that works to develop partnerships that address challenges through a collective impact model. SELLEN has worked in the education and community development space since 2001, during this time it has brokered hundreds of partnerships that increase school engagement and retention, whilst supporting smoother transitions to life after school.

Some examples of the work we are currently undertaking are below.

Demystifying the Job Market for young people in South East Region


The job market across southern region (Casey, Dandenong, and Cardinia) is complex with multiple providers – at present there are 74 providers in this region – that target specific individuals and groups within their contractual requirements.
Demystifying the Jobs Market for Youth in Southern Region is for organizations and agencies working with young people, and will be offered as a Train the Trainer program with workshops delivered to stakeholders in the first part of 2019.
It will include a SE Region Job Market Matrix which details all employment programs in the South East, who holds each contract, location details, what the eligibility criteria are and, where there are specialties (such as disability) what these specialties are. It will also include information about the type of service a client can expect and the outcomes that providers are targeting.

Main Project Aims:

  • To bring about practical understanding of the jobs market, locally and across Victoria, for service providers working with youth.
  •  Assist service providers to a) navigate the job market and b) assist young clients to develop good job navigation skills

If you are a job provider or you interact with/make referrals to a job provider, please contact:

Mary Tresize-Brown
Partnerships Facilitator
0430 445 187

The YPEP Learning Hubs

(Young Parents Education Program)

The YPEP Learning Hubs are an inclusive place for young parents to obtain a Year 12 education that increases their capacity to work and participate in the workforce, decrease the likelihood of welfare dependence and improve family functioning. Without strong family support, young parents can find it difficult to complete their secondary education and for vulnerable young parents, it can present significant challenges.

Learning Hubs 5 Objectives

Participation – accessible, inclusive, flexible, culturally safe, empowering. 

Pathways – to employment/education and away from welfare dependence 

Partnerships – that leverage the strength of cross sectoral expertise. 

Parenting – promotes healthy attachment crucial for development and improves the life prospects of the children.  

Prevention – Responsive to young parents and their babies to reduce the likelihood of generational welfare dependency and marginalization through poor educational outcomes for young parents and their children into the future.

The YPEP Consortia

SELLEN, Skillinvest, Windermere, City of Casey, Narre Community Learning Centre, Monash University, Monash Health, Anglicare, Centrelink, headspace, Oakwood School, YMCA and Department of Education & Training.

Referrals and enrolments are welcome all year round by contacting:

Mary Tresize-Brown
YPEP Development Coordinator
0430 445 187

Parents & Families

We know that parents play a key role in helping young people make career choices and, that in order for them to do this effectively; they need information on the huge number of options available. We believe that parents can assist young people by talking to them and providing support and guidance.


At the South East LLEN we know that the local community plays a vital role in a young person’s education, transition and pathway planning. We are working closely with all community organisations to ensure that the issues young people are facing today are being addressed and supported.