The transition between Year 6 and Year 7 can be a difficult and daunting one for students as they move from the known to the unknown. This can be a time where young people start to disengage from education.

Equally, it is difficult for parents to know what they can do to assist in making this transition as smooth as possible for their child/ren.

In 2020, SELLEN aims to develop and pilot a program that will result in a facilitated training program that schools can access and deliver to their incoming parent cohort each year.


Partnership Model

SELLEN is currently piloting a new Guide for Parents to assist them in developing the skills and understanding to support their children through the transition from Year 6 to Year 7.

The pilot is running in a partnership  with Lyndhurst Secondary College and their feeder primary schools.


YPEP Learning Hub Locations


Hallam Senior Secondary

Enrolment and Enquiries: John Lyall, Assistant Principal
YPEP Educator: Kate Silvangni
P: 9703 1266


Foundation Learning Centre, Narre Warren

Enrolment and Enquiries: Tina Bampton, General manager
YPEP Educator: Melinda Brown
P: 9703 7488


The YPEP program has changed my life, once I found out I was pregnant, I never thought I would be able to finish school, but with the support of the teachers, I have finished and am now working.

YPEP Graduate

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