Fabulous Futures


Recently arrived migrants and refugees, especially those from a non-English speaking background often find it difficult to navigate the employment space in Australia, especially given the more than 75 employment based service contracts that exist in the SELLEN region.

These 75 contracts are held by more than 60 organisations, and many have specific industries or job seeker cohorts that they work with.

The Fabulous Futures event, held in partnership with Chisholm, assists Foundation and English language students to better understand and access the local employment market. 

The event also includes the opportunity for students to engage with and ask questions of employers that have real jobs available.


Partnership Model

Although this model has been utilised mainly for recently arrived migrants, it has been very successful when run in mainstream settings also. 

The opportunity for young people to meet and engage with employers is an important one, one that can increase the employability of young people five fold.


Supporting Resources


Demystifying the job market

A list of employment programs and support for job seekers 


Work Local Greater Dandneong

A website that collates all the locally advertised jobs from a range of online job providers


Casey and Cardinia Jobs Portal

A website that collates all the locally advertised jobs from a range of online job providers 


This class showed me how many people are around to help me, and where I can find them

Foundation Studies student

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