School Attendance Calendar Project

SELLEN worked with the Jesuit Community College, on a calendar project, aimed at raising the profile and impact of school absenteeism. The project was funded through the Department of Justice and Community Safety and Jesuit Community College, targeting women on community orders in an arts based program to help design a range of pieces, culminating in a calendar.

The lived experiences brought to the project by the women was amazing, resulting in 30 printable posters that schools and communities can freely download, print and display in prominent places to promote the important of school attendance, and the impact of missing one day a fortnight.

These pages have been designed to be printed and displayed in prominent positions around schools and community areas. Please use them freely and share links to others that may be interested in accessing them.













Extra 1

Extra 2

Extra 3

Extra 4

Extra 5

Extra 6

Extra 7

Extra 8

Extra 9

Extra 10

Extra 11

Extra 12

Extra 13

Extra 14

Extra 15

Extra 16

Extra 17

Extra 18

  Tiered Approach to Monitoring Attendance

SELLEN developed what has become affectionately known as the attendance placemat, an A3 document that outlines all the processes and available supports that can be accessed for every student, based on their attendance needs.

Based on a tiered approach to managing student behaviour, the Tiered Approach to Monitoring Attendance has been well supported by DET regionally and by local schools.

The product was launched at a DET sponsored event for improving student attendance in Southern Melbourne Schools. 

If you would like a copy of the Tiered Approach to Monitoring Attendance, please contact SELLEN or click on the image.

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