The South East Region of Melbourne, covering the Cities of Casey and Greater Dandenong, as well as the Cardinia Shire, hosts almost 300,000 employment positions, a number that has steadily increased by 8-10,000 jobs per year for the past ten years.

With this many jobs, there are always vacancies available, especially if you know where to look.

In 2017, SELLEN set out to show students and young people across the region, how many employment opportunities there were available locally. Initially run in schools as a pilot, the Jobs Expo has now grown to become part of the South East Careers Day, where in 2019, more than 1,500 employment vacancies were dispalyed from across the region, many of these were entry level jobs.


Where are the Jobs?

Many of these jobs are not listed on high profile job listings, mainly due to the cost of these adds. If young people are looking of entry level roles, they should look at company websites and register with local jobs portals such as www.worklocalgreaterdandenong.com.au and www.caseycardiniajobs.com.au

SELLEN is developing a program currently to assist young people to identify employment opportunities and better understand the local employment market.  



I was shocked to see how many jobs there are, I can’t believe it.

Jobs Expo Attendee

I didn’t know how many jobs there were out there, these search engines are fantastic.

Attending Careers Teacher

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