The Work Matters resource is available to schools and the program can be delivered by teachers, or via booking an event with SELLEN.

The program helps to prepare students to identify areas of interest, possible placement hosts and networks that may assist in finding suitable work experience and SWL employers.

Now in its tenth year, the resource is currently being updated to better reflect the current world of work and be more suitable in times where social media takes such a strong position in how we communicate.



Four different resource elements make up the Work Matters program package.

These are:

  • Facilitators Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • Student Visual Aide Workbook
  • Visual Aides (DVD)

Work Matters Resources


Facilitator's Guide

This takes facilitators through the program step by step 


Student workbook

This is the workbook that students can utilise to record their work matters  journey


Student DVD and visual aide workbook

This workbook supports students as they work through the visual aides


DVD and Visual aides

these visual aides support the facilitator through the delivery of the program. Copies of the DVD are available via SELLEN. Please contact through below links

The Work Matters Program is a great resource for schools to help students in identifying and securing their own work placements. It saves the coordinators a lot of time on the phone talking to employers.

Work Matters Facilitating Teacher

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